Vineyard and Terroir Tour

This is a highly unique touring and tasting experience for those that would like to understand more about what goes into making a premium wine, from the soil to the vine to the barrel.

Clos Solène’s Owner and Winemaker, Guillaume Fabre, will take your group (up to 6 people) to three different Paso Robles vineyards to showcase the aspects of each that make it noteworthy. As you take in the spectacular wine country views, Guillaume will describe and demonstrate farming and vineyard management techniques that result in the best possible fruit. Discussions will include soil types, precipitation, climate, vine spacing, and the multitude of distinct factors that affect the resulting fruit from each location. The tour concludes with a private VIP Tasting at the Clos Solène Winery, with a specialized tasting menu including barrel tastings and limited releases. The entire experience will be about 2.5 to 3 hours, and the cost is $200 per person. Please reserve 2 months in advance, if possible, to allow for proper planning.
Please call for more information 805.239.7769




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