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Are you ready to read this?

Are you ready to read this?

Before I let you read this post, I want you to know that I never dare posting it a month ago. Now I am in a different mood, vibe, and I am happy to show that the mind is not always happy and sparkly, but it is all right. So here I am a month ago:
Yes, I am feeling overwhelmed. Yes, I want to scream, and I feel tired, exhausted and I feel even more terrible because I know I am extremely lucky to have a roof, a healthy and loving family, a business, so why am I complaining? And with everything I preach, the yoga I practice, how did I get here?
Well, I did not get enough fresh air, I was not available for myself and others and, I am spending too much time on the computer. That is what is happening. 
I am angry at the people, including myself, that I see as selfish and individualist. Where do we find balance into relationships, where do we respect others without forgetting to respect ourselves and vise versa. 
I am very conflicted by this: finding my freedom and wellbeing but not offending others. Learning to say no the right way or at the right time. Being able to express my desire instead of doing what is imposed but doing it in a careful and respectful way. Also being able to genially offer help when other needs it. 
Is it all coming out of me because of the Holiday Season? … Honestly, do you want to know? I cannot stand how much we personally spend on gifts, so sorry I said it, but really, Solène, can you just be okay with being you and giving something meaningful instead of making sure it will fit the “World’s standards” that media defines based on I do not know who and what.
What an uplifting letter, right? I needed to let it out because I am waking up every day having to give a double of effort to go on with a happy state of mind. What about focusing on meaning. I realized that the things that made me happy are meaningful: volunteering for a compelling cause, being available for the kids, diving into some meditation, learning to step back to have a better view on things, cooking, laughing and working as well, even though I am very fortunate and do it on my own time, it is nice to be needed at work, everyone has a different experience with work but the key is to find a purpose in what we do even if it is just to pay the bills or get the housework done. Think that, if you have a job, it is because someone needs to be doing what you are doing, and why not you? 
This is where I stopped and never posted it on the blog. Why, because I needed to find myself first. I went back to a better routine and opened my heart and mind to what is good instead of what is wrong. I choose a mantra that I decided to keep until I can live it: radiate unconditional love. Before I can radiate it, I will have to adopt it, big dream, right? And while this is the foundation of my resolution, not a new year resolution just a lifestyle’s one, I like to bring in some intentions on top of it as, for example, the simple “now.” Repeat the word now, it is what matters, be present now, enjoy now, feel now, breath now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, now.
You had enough? I will let you go but let me say thank you, for reading, and hopefully, for accepting me as the perfectly imperfect person that I am. Remember: we are exactly who and where we are supposed to be.

No recipe today, it is time to do something new or I am running out of recipes. What about learning some French? The food in France:
The three principal breads you can ask for at a boulangerie are:
Un pain, a larger bread that can be round like a loaf of long as a baguette but larger.
Une baguette, a French stick.
Une ficelle, a very thin French stick.
Now let’s get a baguette: -“Bonjour, pourrais-je avoir une baguette s’il vous plait ? »
Literal translation: - Good day, could I have a French stick, if it to you pleases? With a literal translation you are learning more than what it looks like:
Good = bon
Day = jour
Could = pourrais
I = je
Have = avoir
If = si
It = il
You = vous (or tu)
Please= plait (the verb is plaire = to please)

Merci, à bientôt ! Thank you and see you soon (the literal translation would be: Thank you, to soon))