Clos Solène Photo

The Family

“This is our dream becoming reality. We invested the small savings we had, worked and still work as much as possible to, first, make elegant wine with character and personality, but also to develop a relationship with the persons who are supporting us in this endless work.” – Solène Fabre

The Fabre Family is now a family of five: Clémentine (their oldest daughter), Jean (their middle son), and Juliette (their youngest daughter). Guillaume has named all his favorite wines after his children – Sweet Clémentine, Cuvée Jean and the arrival of Cuvée Juliette in 2019. After purchasing an estate in 2017, the family lives at the farmhouse on the property, waking each morning to the serenity of the rolling hills, the greenery of the vines and the laughter of their children.

Together, Guillaume and Solène have worked tirelessly, with passion as their energy, to create Clos Solène – a boutique winery on the west side of Paso Robles in the heart of the Willow Creek District.