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“Happiness attracts happiness”. And it works! 

“Happiness attracts happiness”. And it works! 

In a week, not only are we celebrating our Dads, but the beginning of summer.
With the World being shaken or disrupted should I say, plans have been cancelled. Good thing we were, for the first time, not planning to go to France this year. What are your plans? 
It seems like when I was a little girl my summer vacations were so exciting. We would have four weeks all planned and the rest of the time at home, the house filled with Friends and Family. Now I understand why my mother was not looking to it like I was!
No, but seriously, it is hard to plan it right. But I am learning to be happy no matter what. To bring positive thoughts and remind me that “Happiness attracts happiness”. And it works! 
Feelings of happiness
When you rediscover yourself
Is when you smile for no reason, stand tall alone,
Smile because you live
Live because you are born to be happy

We can cheer to that with a Cuvée Juliette sparkling rosé or if you are not ready for the tinny delicious bubbles just choose the La Rose rosé and remember to pair your wine with a simple but satisfying meal. 
La Salade de pâtes or de riz (Pasta or rice salad)
Cook your pasta (or your rice) let it cool completely 
Slice in small squares and combine in a large salad bowl:
Cornichons or pickles
Swiss or Parmesan or cheddar cheese (or all together)
Make a vinaigrette salsa (add mustard de Dijon to it) and add it to the salad bowl as well as the cooled pasta. 

Reminder, the most important ingredient is, your smile.