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Here I am

Here I am

And here I am, six months later, I haven’t forgotten about the blog, I just didn’t make time for it, and I miss it, I miss you. 
Hopefully you are enjoying summer. It has been amazing and challenging at the same time for me. Amazing by being able to spend time with the children and finally going on a family road trip just the five of us; but challenging to be a “Super Mom” trying to please everyone without listening to my own needs. When I do too much I don’t see clearly, my mind just processes things negatively. And all kinds of questions, remarks, critics, and judgements that I don’t wish to be thinking of just pop in. 
To find a good balance, I keep reminding myself that everybody is busy and overwhelmed. We all have to find our own way, there is no definite answer to many things but if you take time to be calm and patient you will see things differently and perhaps you will get through the difficulties you encounter. 
In the practice of Yoga this is what I like to say: “It is your own practice, make it yours. It doesn’t have to be exactly what you are taught; it has to fit you and make you feel good. So, adapt the practice to your needs.” And remember that we all see things our own way.
If we could borrow each other minds for a day we would probably understand that there isn’t one direction but several ones. This applies to education, relationship, parenthood, work, religions, and politics but I am not going there!
So, let’s make sure to step back when we disagree, get upset or want to be right or perfect. To see clearly you need a peaceful mind, so find a mantra, an image, a posture that allows you to erase the judgment, the critic and reset you with an opened mind. “May you be peaceful and at ease.”

Cheers to good intentions, let’s pair a glass of Sweet Clémentine, our Banyuls dessert style wine, with some Poire Belle Hélène, a dessert made from pears served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and Chantilly cream (optional).
Find some good juicy pears (or use canned ones)
Melt some chocolate (or use syrup)
Get some vanilla or fior de latte or stracciatella ice cream
You can add some Chantilly if you like it.
Everything is in the plate presentation, make it looks good.

Bon appétit.