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I am only Human

I am only Human


Strange times? I do not know, is it? Is Mother Nature getting back at us? We all have our interpretations of what is going on, about the pandemic, about the elections about life and that is what makes us Human. Human kindness, human weakness, to err is human. I just personally think that we all must look at ourselves and question what we do or ask what we could do better to make thing better. 
I am seating at a friend’s kitchen table watching her newborn sleep realizing how lucky I am. If this year is a strange year due to the pandemic and all its consequences it is also a year to reinvent ourselves. Rethink what’s matter and how we want to live. What we want to leave to the next generations. Healthy, happy, sustainable are three words that pop up in my mind as I am writing. What are yours? 
Let your mind wander, let it go, relax, breath in the good and exhale the bad and once you are ready set a goal, set an intention to your day or the rest of it.  I will personally work into the first thing I need to change in my routine: plastic. Wahoo, I use plastic wrap almost every day, not so many plastic bags but there is plenty of plastic packages around the food I buy, and I am not sure how to resolve that issue but it is my intention to do it.   

Now open that bottle you are saving, Cuvée Juliette, our sparkling, La Rose, the rosé, En Coulisse or even a red wine and try my new favorite recipe:
My friend, the one I am staying at right now, gave me a simple trick that I now love to make. 
A “Revised Bouillabaisse”
1.    Make a ratatouille:
Chop an onion with a clove or two of garlic
Peel and chop in small cubes an eggplant
Peel and chop in small cubes four medium zucchinis
Open a jar of tomato sauce
In a deep and large saucepan, cook the onion and garlic a little in a dash of olive oil, add the eggplant cubes and salt it, cover and cook in low until you feel it is tender and you add the zucchini cubes. Cook until everything is tender and add the tomato sauce, a little more salt, pepper. 
Let it cook in very low for an hour. 
2.    Make it a revised bouillabaisse by adding a frozen white fish to it. While it finishes to cook add the frozen fish to it and keep it on low heat until the white fish is completely cooked. You can cut it in pieces as it cooks inside the dish. 

Et voilà! Bon appétit.