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“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.”

"Let the sun shine, Let The sunshine in ..."

Finally, the sun is shining in Paso Robles. What about you? My family in France was telling me how crazy the weather is over there. They were enjoying a beautiful spring weather since a week or two when suddenly, today, they got snow! Snow in Bordeaux … Okay, it is the blasts of March so I shouldn’t start my spiel about the global warming and its consequences on the seasons and we have enough to worry about right now. 
So, it leaves me with what’s for snack today! And do you know what this sunny weather reminds me of, when we take a walk at the beach or in the city of Bordeaux (where we do some shopping) and stop to get a crêpes. Let's do it, no not go to Bordeaux! Let's make some crêpes.

- Some "Crape", "crAAApe", "creep", "crap"! In order to please any Frenchman, pronounce "crêpe" like "crehp."

Take a glass of Cuvée Juliette (yes, open it, you don’t know what tomorrow is made of) or any sparkling wine you like and if you have cider then it is time to drink it and start cooking:
For about 8 crêpes (and they are not pancakes, be careful, I am French)
Flour: 250 g (I use Arthur King or Gold all-purpose flour) about 2 cups 
Eggs: 4
Milk: ½ liter (Whole milk or 2% or even almond milk but I prefer cow milk) about 16 oz
Salt: 1 pinch
Sugar: 2 Tablespoon
Melted butter: 50 g (unsalted or salted, your choice) about ¼ cup 
In a large bowl mix in the flour, the salt and the sugar.
Add the eggs and mix slowly. When the mixture become thick add the cold milk slowly. Then once everything is fluid add the melted butter and mix it up again. Here you can add some vanilla extract or rum or both and mix again. Warm up your frying pan the dough doesn't need to rest (but if you want to let it rest go for it).

And use sugar and lemon or maple syrup or Nutella or jam to fill them up. Bon appétit!